Ergyul Irina, Russian obstetrician-gynecologist in Istanbul
Tel: +90 (212) 442-66-30
Address: cabinet No 902, 9 th floor
Tel: +90 (506) 886-18-86
Reception: с 8:00 до 20:00

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Hello, dear women!

Many of us with excitement and anxiety go to the obstetrician-gynecologist, often postponing the visit. Throughout life we have to go to a "female doctor" especially during such important periods as pregnancy and childbirth. Naturally, every woman wants to feel confident and secure when it comes to health. Having understandood your anxiety, sense of responsiblity for your life and that of your children, the informative website "Female Doctor" was created. The website will cover major topics in the field of obstetrics and gynecology in a form accessible to a wide range of readers. Depending on the responses. new articles will be released in which you can find answers to your exciting questions. Knowing the importance of communicating with a doctor in a native language, I will be glad to assist you at "Safa" clinic, Turkey, where you will find professional assistance from a specialized obstetrician-gynecologist, while expecting mothers can fully prepare for childbirth, having left behind their anxiety.

Sincere regards and wishing you good health, your doctor Irina Ergyul.

On this website, which is primarily created for you women, you will learn:

  • In what urgent situations you need to see a doctor
  • Which examinations are essential during pregnancy
  • How to prepare for childbirth and where to go in Turkey
  • How to properly and adequately be nourished during pregnancy
  • How to understand the causes of women's diseases and how to treat them
  • Whom russian women can contact in Turkey for help
  • You will learn how to avoid complications during pregnancy
  • And more other accessible information

Please take note of the following information:

  • Dear women!
    Dr. Irina Ergyul will begin work at the Bahcelievler Medical Park clinic (Medical Park in Bahchelievlere, Istanbul) from 02.09.2015. Admission of patients in the Medical Park will be only conducted by appointment.
  • To make an appointment, please call:
    Svetlana, secretary to the doctor: (0506) 886 18 86
    International: +90 (212) 442-66-30
    Medical Park, e-randevu: 444 44 84
  • Clinic`s website:
  • The clinic`s management provides special discounts for patients starting pregnancy monitoring at Safa Clinic. Discounts are provided for admission as well as childbirth and surgery. The doctor requests to treat the possible delays in admission of patients due to emergencies, which often occur in obstetrics and gynecology with understanding . The period of admission to the Medical Park clinic has reduced due to a 6-month specialization in vitro (extracorporal) fertilization. However, the doctor says chilbirths at the Medical Park clinic in Bahchelievler may be conducted at any time.
адрес гинеколога Ирины Ергюль